What We Do

What We Do

Drawing on Unique Market Position to Create Long-term Value

We are an energy and soft commodities trading company involved in the physical trading and logistics of these commodities. We identify unique and profitable market opportunities that place both our customers and stakeholder in the line of long-term profitability and value.

Natural Gas

The demand for natural has, over the years, been growing exponentially. This growth is fuel by natural gas being the cleanest fossil fuel that’s also economical, convenient and much safer than other forms of fuel.

Soft and Agricultural Commodities

The growing world population is in constant need of staple food, and players in the industry are able to utilize futures contracts as a means of locking-in prices while managing inventories. Futures contracts can be shorted on a downtick, giving market participants more flexibility.

As a prominent global trader, our robust trading model and vast experience has enabled us to swiftly expand our operations of distributing natural gas, LPG and soft commodities globally. By implementing an agile strategy and through careful risk assessment, we are able to identify market imbalances and are thus able to unlock cost-effective potentials within the industry.

As we continue to push the bar further at Arena Middle East General Trading LLC, our commitment to premium quality, reliability and safety has led us to sign several lucrative contracts and we are poised to soon increase the number of contracts secured and diversify our customer base.

Our market intelligence, major shipping portfolio, and access to a range of logistics and storage capabilities ensure that we stay at the forefront of the industry. We continue to spearhead efforts to expand strategic partnerships with renowned energy traders to improve profitability and sustain stable supplies.