What We Do

What We Do

Drawing on Unique Market Position to Create Long-term Value

In recent years, the worldwide appeal and demand for natural gas has been growing exponentially. In addition to being economical and convenient, it is the cleanest fossil fuel; natural gas is the most efficient form of energy. Because it contains fewer impurities upon combustion, it does not leave behind pollutants that harm the environment making for a much reliable and safer option than other forms of fuel.

As a prominent global energy trader, our robust trading model and vast experience has enabled us to swiftly expand our operations of distributing natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to different global regions. By implementing an agile strategy and through careful risk assessment, we are able to identify market imbalances and are thus able to unlock cost-effective potentials within the industry.

We take immense pride in being the first private entity to sign and execute contracts with government agencies in Turkmenistan to export natural gas. As a testament to the confidence in our abilities, we are currently the sole buyer and importer of natural gas from the southern border of Turkmenistan, a nation with the fourth largest gas reserves in the world.

Though Turkmenistan exports approximately 45-50 billion cubic metres of natural gas on an annual basis, the capability to broaden this scope is diminished due to restricted access to pipelines. There is major untapped potential in Turkmenistan, currently curbed by marketing challenges and political volatility, creating ample opportunities for us capitalise on.

Our primary export destinations include Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

As we continue to push the bar further at Arena Middle East General Trading LLC, our commitment to premium quality, reliability, and safety has led us to sign several lucrative contracts and we are poised to soon increase the number of contracts secured and diversify our customer base.

Our market intelligence, major shipping portfolio, and access to a range of logistics and storage capabilities ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry. We continue to spearhead efforts to expand strategic partnerships with renowned energy traders to improve profitability and sustain stable supplies.